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Kamran Ehsani bought property on 3 st St. Frank DeGregorio Jr. Paul Cramer Jr. Kelly Trendell bought property on 15 Gates Ave. Raymond Flower Jr. Yvonne Macherone bought property on Draper Ave. Latchmin Ramsingh bought property on Pennsylvania Ave. Linda Cianfarani bought property on Campbell Ave. Gowradai Dutt bought property on Pleasant St. Dylan Wilson bought property on Grand Blvd. And the members are Los Angeles Times reporters confirmed the identities of more than 5, Oscar voters — more than 89 percent of all active voting members — and found that they are:.

Advertising Jay Brandt Magazine Ben Salmon Sixth St.

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Redmond, OR Mailing address Box Redmond, OR Phone If you know of an error in a story, call us at All Bulletin payments are accepted at the drop box at City Hall. Check payments may be converted to an electronic funds transfer.

Chandler Ave. Periodicals postage paid at Bend, OR. Postmaster: Send address changes to The Bulletin circulation department, P. Box , Bend, OR The Bulletin retains ownership and copyright protection of all staff-prepared news copy, advertising copy and news or ad illustrations. They may not be reproduced without explicit prior approval. Photo reprints Country singer Ralph Stanley is Actor Tom Courtenay is CBS newsman Bob Schieffer is Humorist Jack Handey is Actress Tea Leoni is Comedian Carrot Top is Actor Sean Astin is Latin singer Julio Iglesias Jr.

Comedian-actress Chelsea Handler is Actress Rashida Jones is Highlights: In , inventor Samuel Colt patented his revolver. In , Nashville, Tenn. In , Oregon became the first state to tax gasoline, at 1 cent per gallon. In , Communists seized power in Czechoslovakia. Five years ago: A female suicide bomber triggered a ball bearing-packed charge, killing at least 41 people at a mostly Shiite college in Baghdad. One year ago: Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly took the first significant action on their plan to strip collective bargaining rights from most public workers, abruptly passing the measure in the small hours before sleepdeprived Democrats realized what was happening.

Kolberg, a 19th-century Polish ethnographer who wrote some 10, Polish folk songs. Still remembered and respected in Poland, Kolberg died in Rubin and Sharifullah Sahak. Ten Afghan civilians protesting the Quran burnings died Friday, most of gunshot wounds, although one protester was trampled to death, bringing the death toll since Tuesday when the violence started to 24, according to local officials and emergency room doctors. An apology by President Barack Obama on Thursday failed to keep thousands off the streets in Kabul and around the country.

After German soldiers were pelted with stones by an angry crowd in Takhar province, in northern Afghanistan, the German military decided to withdraw its soldiers from a small base there several weeks earlier than planned. The base had just 50 soldiers, so the withdrawal will have little impact, but the early departure appeared symbolic of a growing disengagement by members of the NATO coalition.

It was unclear Friday night whether, after four days of protests, the violence that has rolled through the country was finally spent, or if the Quran burning had uncorked an inexhaustible well of fury over the continuing presence of Western troops after 10 years of war. In some measure, the angry demonstrations were to be expected in a religious country fed up with foreigners, but the tension this week seems more pervasive and irresolvable than in the past.

It was another in a series of Romney remarks that have complicated his efforts to connect with some voters suffering economically.

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And I used to have a Dodge truck. They own a third home in New Hampshire.

He promised that his tax plans would help revive small businesses in Michigan and across the country. The International Committee of the Red Cross said the Syrian Red Crescent had begun evacuations of some women and children after three weeks of constant bombardment of Homs that has left the city with many wounded and desperate for food and medicine. Hicham Hassan, a Red Cross spokesman, said negotiations were continuing to remove two Western journalists wounded earlier this week. Another spokesperson said seven wounded people had already been taken to a nearby hospital.

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They also pledged to provide millions of dollars worth of food and medicine to be distributed from border areas in Turkey, Jordan and, possibly, Lebanon. And later in a meeting with U.

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  7. The United States and other nations have ruled out military intervention in Syria, but the violence in Syria is increasingly creating a confrontation between nations weighing in on either side of the conflict. Although the leaders here cast their demand to allow humanitarian assistance as something of an ultimatum, they did not detail the consequences for Assad if he refused. Whether the leaders here can do anything concrete remains unclear. The former Pennsylvania senator called for relaxing restrictions on energy production in order to hold down gasoline prices.

    The winter flu season has finally begun, federal health officials announced Friday, making this the latest start to the season in 24 years — and thus far it is one of the mildest. Flu viruses survive longer on surfaces in cold, dry weather, and cold weather makes people huddle indoors, where they are more likely to transmit the disease. The CDC declares a flu season officially started after three straight weeks in which more than 10 percent of all respiratory specimens reported to it contain an influenza virus.

    An unusual aspect of this winter season is that the vast majority of those samples are of A H3N2 strain flus, and the next most common are from the B group.

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    In a typical U. Secret U.



    The cable, written by Ryan Crocker, amounted to an admission that years of U. Because of the intended secrecy of that message, Crocker sent it through CIA channels, rather than normal State Department ones. The cable, which was described by several officials familiar with its contents, could be used as ammunition by senior military officials who favor more aggressive action by the United States against the Haqqani havens in Pakistan. It also could buttress calls from senior military officials for a more-gradual withdrawal of U. These military officials have maintained for months that the current strategy of targeting raids against Taliban leadership and building local Afghan governance is showing impressive results.

    But they warn that worsening conditions in Pakistan and the ability of insurgent groups to find haven there necessitates a larger American force than many in the Obama administration are advocating. The United States is on course to reduce the size of its force in Afghanistan to about 68, troops by the end of this summer and shift away from combat to more of an advisory role to Afghan forces by the middle of next year. Utah Continued from A1 Applicants for the two drinking slots — all commissioners are selected by the governor — would even have to sign an affidavit to the effect that they had consumed alcohol for at least a year before their appointment.

    How much drinking is required? Fair question, no doubt, for an applicant — but the answer is, unfortunately, unclear. His attorney, L.

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    Todd Wilson, of Bend, spoke only a few words with the judge to confirm that his client understood the charges, and to arrange for a hearing next Wednesday to discuss his possible release. Redmond Police arrested Bremont for the second time in five days on Thursday, picking him up in Albany for an alleged violation of the release agreement he had signed when he posted bail Sunday.

    The agreement forbade him from contacting his alleged victim or leaving the state, and required him to live in his home in Redmond. Bremont was first arrested and jailed last Saturday evening, following a two-day investigation by Redmond Police after an RPA student came forward with allegations against him.

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    Scott Reed, a former co-. The coming drawdowns will put heavy pressure on the Afghan government in the east, where U. The American frustration with insurgent sanctuaries in Pakistan has long been a source of tension in the brittle relations between the two countries. In past years, U. But with U.