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Latest Posts. Hawks nab fugitive wanted for Stilfontein unwrought gold robbery by Andile Sicetsha. The suspect is currently out on bail. Read more. Financial market snapshot, October Updates from South Africa and abroad Barbarians squad for November tour loaded with Springboks No agenda. No Bias. Today is a day to help others, especially those who may have different circumstances, life experiences, or goals than your own.

When you look good, you feel good, and feeling confident in your own skin is a key Leo quality. Go for it!

Share how you feel. You know what your heart wants, so stop justifying it or trying to figure out the best move or how to get the other person to do it for you. Crank up your courage and go for it! As always, your gut holds the answer. You may feel like waiting is the best course of action, and that may be your best bet.

Today may be tricky to say something; in a few days, you might have more leverage.


Before you continue...

Share some of your personal thoughts and beliefs. Jupiter in your sign signals the flow of synchronicity to produce inner inclinations and outer revelations pointing to risk and venture.

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The question is how, what to do, what are the best approaches…? The first part of the answer is subject to the kiss principle: keep it simple sweetheart. With that in place ask for more precise answers and you will receive. A creative awakening is underway. Invention and innovation are implied.

Pisces Health & Wellness Horoscope

That they are linked to means and methods of cultivating a healthier lifestyle is likely. With Neptune in your solar house of health it is important that you be extra vigilant by taking preventative measures. How can you boost your immune system and strengthen your constitution?

A process of deep sharing is a main focus now. Yet woven within this close and cozy feeling is the need also to perpetuate your own sense of individuality. This could be a tricky balancing act.


The first key as ever is awareness. Like the particle within the wave you can acknowledge and even assert your uniqueness.

However, right now it is more about the wave. The urge to reach beyond prior limits is growing with each new day.

Weekly Horoscopes for Week of February 11, by The Cut

The question is: are you engaging consciously or reactively. When we are conscious we can be more intentional, deliberate, determined and focused. There still remains the value of deep cooperation within, to your destiny, as well as with outer realities.

Weekly Horoscope 6th - 12th February. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in LEO stirs Things up!!

With these acknowledge you can fly like an arrow to your target. The urge to be super focused upon future objectives is guiding you. Due to where Mercury Retrograde is positioned in your solar chart you could overdo it and become obstinate, impatient and aggressive.

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These are the signs to ease off and a bit, yet still proceed. This is a call for temperance, wherein not too much or too little is more important to consider than usual. A whole series of pioneering initiatives should be apparent by now. You are determined to enter new territory, entertain new perspectives or at least place a few bets. The caution now is that you listen more to intuition than logic.